Why it is beneficial to use American express credit card

American Express is a company that deals with various payment options through cards. The different American Express Cards have their own features which helps the people according to their cards. The American Express offers cards like credit cards, small business cards, corporate cards and prepaid cards. When it comes to credit cards there are three options into that category which are Cash Magnet Card, Amex Everyday Credit Card and Hilton Honors Card.

There are many benefits to the American Express Credit Cards. First benefit which is the most common one among all the credit cards is that you don’t need to carry cash with you everywhere. American Express Credit Cards will be there for you anywhere. The second food thing about using any card from the American Express is that it provides its users with various rewards which are great for the users. For example, right now American Express is offering a deal on American Express Cash Magnet Credit Card that when a user spends $1000 within the first three months of using the card then the American Express will reward the user by paying back the $200. Offers like these are temporary so make sure to keep an eye on deals like these. The users can get various deals through emails or just by visiting the American Express official website.

Another great benefit of using the American Express Credit Card is the Extended Warranty that is provides to their users. If the card holders experiences a loss through the credit card then the American Express will cover your loss. The amount of loss has to be under $10,000 or the amount equal to the item which has been lost. For more information read the policy guide of the American Express Credit Cards.

Buyer Protection is another benefit that the American Express provides through their credit cards. If the users have bought something online through the American Express Credit Card and for some reason the item didn’t arrive or was not in the original condition when arrive. For this reason the American Express will pay the users to replace the item, to repair the item or pay for the reimbursement of the item. The American Express covers about $1000 for a single incident and for annually about $50,000. To know more about the benefits and the policies related to it, visit the official website to read the document on this benefit.

Return Protection is also benefit alongside the Buyer Protection which is offered by the American Express through the credit cards. This helps when the users who are stuck with the wrong item which they have bought through the American Express Credit Card, the America Express will get involved in the situation when the merchant or the website from which you have bought that item is not accepting your returned item. In this situation American Express will cover your loss by paying the amount equivalent to the price of the item.