The long form video channel of the Instagram, IGTV has recently taken itself off because they would have now liked what the options the content used to provide and there is now the consideration for the strategies of platform marketing. Currently, it seems like this is now more a priority for any of the brands but there are the chances for it to get more benefits and there would surely be comparatively low competition for the attention and more chances for opportunities in a maximum way for standing out.

If you are the one to be considering yourself one to choose the IGTV strategy for your social media marketing campaign of the year 2019, there is an infographic for you to have a look on. This is the listing which highlights the strong and influential benefits of this IGTV platform and there are also some of the tips for you to take an initiative towards it.

This totally depends on the type of business you are into, your targeted market, instagram followers and the content goals which you want to achieve by the successful marketing. But IGTV really is worth looking.

Following is the infographic for you to have a look:

IGTV basically was established in June 2018 and it was specifically launched by the Instagram. This is a mobile video platform that is a standalone surface which provides the featured videos of comparatively longer time span and these videos easily could be discovered with help of various channels and normally they are found in the vertical formats.

Following mentioned are some of the benefits of using IGTV:

–   Beating competition

IGTV beats the competition because it is a new platform and yet it has got no floods of content so there are chances that your competitors might not be using this platform for their marketing campaigns. This is how you can better be in a position to gain visibility and thus you can be the first in competition by making the people compel to get engaged with your content on IGTV.

–   Click through rates

There is always a difficulty for the marketers to incorporate the links with the organic content over Instagram because this has been a bugbear for the business marketers for a longer span of time. IGTV can make it possible for the marketers to add the clickable links with their contents and make their campaigns easier.

–   Longer type contents

Normally there is a conception that people don’t like long contents but this becomes false in storytelling because long contents are better way of storytelling and this is why IGTV proves to be helpful because such contents are better in developing great understanding for the audience and yet more audience is attracted towards the content which you as a marketer have posted.

–   Vertical videos

IGTV till now is the only channel which posts the vertical video which is the newest trend in the world of marketing and this trend lets the marketers get an enhanced response from their audience.