New Report Shows The Social Media Performance Of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


This is the age when social media platforms has been in the rise but within the same age there is a phase going on where the engagement levels have been dropping by for last couple of years especially for those platforms who have started their growth really strong like Facebook and Twitter. There is a surprising low level of engagement for these platforms. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are somehow taking over them.

Message vs like

The reason behind can be the popularity context in which millennials are more into taking and looking at pictures. As it goes for the business or brands’ promoters they are taking benefit of the amount of influencers are in the platform which is the reason they are more invested in these social media platforms.

When it comes to social platform performance there has been a report made on this which will elaborate the performance measures of these top level social media platforms. The report involves with the data of about 180 companies covering up to 1.6 million posts on Facebook, 600,000 Instagram updates and 2.4 million tweets.


For Facebook, the level of engagement has been drastically dropped to 0.1% per post. There is a comparison made between the engagement level of Facebook post and the clicks made on the email, the result showed that the average click rate on emails were higher than the Facebook posts.

Of all the sectors media is the only one which is still posting large number of content, other sectors like fashion, beauty and influencers have dropped by a great number. This does not mean that it is the end of this platform. This shows that Facebook is now covering other grounds which can be really beneficial for the users which is why this social media platform is still at the top regarding all the aspects.


For this platform there has been an increase in the engagement level according to the report. Brands and different businesses all over the world have experienced the improvements made on the platform due to which many more followers are shifting from Facebook to Instagram.

All the sectors have increased their posts per day especially the sports teams which have played a huge role in posting their content daily and users are highly engaged with it.


For Twitter the engagement level is not impressive. This is another reason businesses buy twitter followers cheap to make increase their engagement level. When it comes to average posts per days by all the sectors. The increase is still by the media and sports teams sector which are boosting their posts throughout all the social media platforms.

All the other sectors are still at very low. It can be sometimes unfair to Facebook when there is a comparison being made between the two. When a certain sector tweet 10 or 20 times a day there will be engagement made according to that level of input which can be fine for Twitter but for Facebook a single post a day cannot be enough for the engagement.