Everything you want to know about Joe Rogan’s wife

Joe Rogan is a renowned stand-up comedian and podcast host who is not only famous for his work but also popular due to his secretive private life. Joe is fairly secluded when it comes to his personal life. Even he did not reveal the names of his kids in public. He always keeps his family away from the media’s attention. Most of the people don’t know much about Joe Rogan’s wife and their unique love story. Joe remains tight-lipped on his relationship with Jessica Schimmel as he had a long relationship with her before their marriage. She was a cocktail waitress and she met with Rogan when he was performing at his show. In this post, we will unveil some facts about Jessica Rogan, read on.

Early Life:

Jessica Rogan is a daughter of a comedian and she appeared in comedy show “Howard Stern Show” along with her father from1999 to 2008. She moved to California to make her career in the entertainment industry. She started modeling in the year 2010 with EM Model Management but it wasn’t something that she desired. But she continued modeling with a Korean company and did some more modeling assignment. Later, she used the influence of her father and landed in the TV industry. She became the assistant producer for TV shows. Joe Rogan always tries to keeps her personal life too private.

Marriage with Joe Rogan:

The duo welcomed their first baby in the year 2008 when both were dating. After their first child, they decided to get married and remain with each through thick and thin. After their marriage, they welcomed their second child and this time it was a girl. Joe Rogan’s wife has also a daughter from her ex-boyfriend and she resides at Joe Rogan’s home. But there is no information about her past relationship. The couple is happily married and living with their three daughters in California.


Her career is full of surprises as she started her career as a cocktail waitress. She met with Joe when he was performing in a show and she was working here as a waitress. She became the love interest of Joe that transforms her life from a slow lane to the fast lane. This relationship came with major changes and big opportunities in her life. After her modeling career, she joined “The Simpsons” team as an assistant producer in 2005. Her career took a roller coaster to turn when she produced a documentary movie for TV. Currently, she is working as a producer in his husband’s shows.

Jessica Rogan’s Net Worth and salary

However, Jessica Rogan serves as producer in her husband’s shows but her estimated net worth and salary is not confirmed. But she is a TV producer that shows that she has a handsome salary. She is enjoying a lavish life as her husband has a whopping net worth of $25 million.


Although, the personal life of Joe Rogan’s wife is not public there is no big controversy or rumors surfaced in the media. They are considered as a happy couple who is a great inspiration for many couples.