5 Easy ways to get followers on Instagram

Instagram is like a star on the sky of social media that attracts millions of people in very short period of time. Everyone join this platform to get fame and build the audience. But not everyone knows how to get followers on Instagram. If you are also one of them then continue reading and get the best tips to grow your followers organically.

How to get followers on Instagram:

A lot of people curious that how to expand their network. That ‘why we have gathered some tips to help The Instagram users to build an audience using organic ways. Read on!

Table of content:

  • Take the right photo
  • Be consistent
  • Get Featured
  • Caption wisely
  • Use proper Hashtags

Take the right photo:

buy instagram followersInstagram is all about unique content and inspiring people. Photos are the most loved content format by Instagrammer. So, focus on taking captivating photos to grab the attention of the people. Use the natural light sources to take photos. The sunrise (morning) and sunset (evening) are the best times of the day to take a good photo. When you use natural light, it gives an additional meaning to your photo. Another important thing that you must focus on is the right angle, photos with right angle get more views.

Be consistent:

If you are looking for massive following then try to be consistent. You should opt a theme for your Instagram page and use it for all your photos. People are expecting something unique and creative when they follow you. So try to engage them with your unique style. If you are using the filter with your image, keep it same for all photos. Post similar style images to give a cohesive look to your Instagram page.

Get Featured:

Consider participating in different hashtags projects and get the chance to feature in the big outlet’ publications. Even Instagram get to feature some account in the suggested user list that will insanely increase your followers.

Caption Wisely:

On Instagram, users love to read captions. Focus on your captions in order to grow your audience. When you post a photo, write a good caption like why you created this posts or what are doing in this photo, tell a story and how you created this photo. If you are a big account, you can keep it short but write a long caption if you have a few hundred followers on Instagram.

Use Proper Hashtags:

The Instagram post is incomplete without using proper and most relevant hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags but try not to use too many tags in one post because it will give the negative impact to your followers that you are desperate to get likes. According to the study, up to 11 hashtags get more engagement. Also, don’t forget to add location-based hashtags with your post. Even you can also use your own hashtags to increase your brand exposure. Try not to post popular hashtag, use that hashtags which have already 50K-500K post with that hashtag.

The Marketers’ Guide to the IGTV

The long form video channel of the Instagram, IGTV has recently taken itself off because they would have now liked what the options the content used to provide and there is now the consideration for the strategies of platform marketing. Currently, it seems like this is now more a priority for any of the brands but there are the chances for it to get more benefits and there would surely be comparatively low competition for the attention and more chances for opportunities in a maximum way for standing out.

If you are the one to be considering yourself one to choose the IGTV strategy for your social media marketing campaign of the year 2019, there is an infographic for you to have a look on. This is the listing which highlights the strong and influential benefits of this IGTV platform and there are also some of the tips for you to take an initiative towards it.

This totally depends on the type of business you are into, your targeted market, instagram followers and the content goals which you want to achieve by the successful marketing. But IGTV really is worth looking.

Following is the infographic for you to have a look:

IGTV basically was established in June 2018 and it was specifically launched by the Instagram. This is a mobile video platform that is a standalone surface which provides the featured videos of comparatively longer time span and these videos easily could be discovered with help of various channels and normally they are found in the vertical formats.

Following mentioned are some of the benefits of using IGTV:

–   Beating competition

IGTV beats the competition because it is a new platform and yet it has got no floods of content so there are chances that your competitors might not be using this platform for their marketing campaigns. This is how you can better be in a position to gain visibility and thus you can be the first in competition by making the people compel to get engaged with your content on IGTV.

–   Click through rates

There is always a difficulty for the marketers to incorporate the links with the organic content over Instagram because this has been a bugbear for the business marketers for a longer span of time. IGTV can make it possible for the marketers to add the clickable links with their contents and make their campaigns easier.

–   Longer type contents

Normally there is a conception that people don’t like long contents but this becomes false in storytelling because long contents are better way of storytelling and this is why IGTV proves to be helpful because such contents are better in developing great understanding for the audience and yet more audience is attracted towards the content which you as a marketer have posted.

–   Vertical videos

IGTV till now is the only channel which posts the vertical video which is the newest trend in the world of marketing and this trend lets the marketers get an enhanced response from their audience.

What skills are ranking as top for good jobs

Every year trends keep on changing because of the progress especially being made in technology, medical and science. This is not the same age as before when there were jobs which were considered as the highest paying jobs throughout the world. Now, there are some skills that every person has to have in order to get into a high paying job. Even if that job is finished due to another technological revolution, that person who has those skills will still be valuable for another high paying job because of the specific skills he had.

Cognitive flexibility

The first skill you need is the Cognitive flexibility. The skill involves with the creativity, the problem sensitivity and the logical reasoning. This makes the person to communicate with the other people, in this case the employees. How well the person critically thinks about the employees he is talking to. Critical assessments of any topic is good which helps to improves the skill.


The second and one of the most important skill is how well the person negotiates. This helps in regular basis when you have to discuss and negotiate regarding anything in the workplace. This is highly important in fields like designing and software engineering.

Service orientation

It is also another important skill to have for the high paying jobs. This skill is about that how much the person is willing to help other employees whether they are senior or junior employees. If you are leading a team, this skill is very important to have.

Judgement and decision making is another skill which you should have to get into high paying jobs. All the top organizations around the world are in a need of people who have this specific skill. Emotional intelligence is also another skill that you need. This skill involves that how well the person is aware about other people’s reactions and how do these reactions impact him and the surroundings.


Coordination is another skill that is very important to get into high paying jobs. This skill shows that how much the person is into collaborating with other people. This is the reason that many top companies especially the tech companies highly focus on team build up. For job in the companies it is important to have the coordinating skill.

Human interaction

People management is another skill that makes a plus point for the employee. This skill involves that how well the person motivates other people, how well he contributes in building other people skill and talents. If you want to be the leader this skill is highly important. You should know how to pick people who will be great for this particular job.

Solving Complex Problems

Creativity, complex problem solving and critical thinking are other skills that are important for the people to get into high paying jobs. All these skills will make you adjust in any organization because these skills are so important that top organizations are paying their employees highly for these skills alone. Alongside the fields’ knowledge it is important to get a grip on these skills.

New Report Shows The Social Media Performance Of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


This is the age when social media platforms has been in the rise but within the same age there is a phase going on where the engagement levels have been dropping by for last couple of years especially for those platforms who have started their growth really strong like Facebook and Twitter. There is a surprising low level of engagement for these platforms. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are somehow taking over them.

Message vs like

The reason behind can be the popularity context in which millennials are more into taking and looking at pictures. As it goes for the business or brands’ promoters they are taking benefit of the amount of influencers are in the platform which is the reason they are more invested in these social media platforms.

When it comes to social platform performance there has been a report made on this which will elaborate the performance measures of these top level social media platforms. The report involves with the data of about 180 companies covering up to 1.6 million posts on Facebook, 600,000 Instagram updates and 2.4 million tweets.


For Facebook, the level of engagement has been drastically dropped to 0.1% per post. There is a comparison made between the engagement level of Facebook post and the clicks made on the email, the result showed that the average click rate on emails were higher than the Facebook posts.

Of all the sectors media is the only one which is still posting large number of content, other sectors like fashion, beauty and influencers have dropped by a great number. This does not mean that it is the end of this platform. This shows that Facebook is now covering other grounds which can be really beneficial for the users which is why this social media platform is still at the top regarding all the aspects.


For this platform there has been an increase in the engagement level according to the report. Brands and different businesses all over the world have experienced the improvements made on the platform due to which many more followers are shifting from Facebook to Instagram.

All the sectors have increased their posts per day especially the sports teams which have played a huge role in posting their content daily and users are highly engaged with it.


For Twitter the engagement level is not impressive. This is another reason businesses buy twitter followers cheap to make increase their engagement level. When it comes to average posts per days by all the sectors. The increase is still by the media and sports teams sector which are boosting their posts throughout all the social media platforms.

All the other sectors are still at very low. It can be sometimes unfair to Facebook when there is a comparison being made between the two. When a certain sector tweet 10 or 20 times a day there will be engagement made according to that level of input which can be fine for Twitter but for Facebook a single post a day cannot be enough for the engagement.