5 Easy ways to get followers on Instagram

Instagram is like a star on the sky of social media that attracts millions of people in very short period of time. Everyone join this platform to get fame and build the audience. But not everyone knows how to get followers on Instagram. If you are also one of them then continue reading and get the best tips to grow your followers organically.

How to get followers on Instagram:

A lot of people curious that how to expand their network. That ‘why we have gathered some tips to help The Instagram users to build an audience using organic ways. Read on!

Table of content:

  • Take the right photo
  • Be consistent
  • Get Featured
  • Caption wisely
  • Use proper Hashtags

Take the right photo:

buy instagram followersInstagram is all about unique content and inspiring people. Photos are the most loved content format by Instagrammer. So, focus on taking captivating photos to grab the attention of the people. Use the natural light sources to take photos. The sunrise (morning) and sunset (evening) are the best times of the day to take a good photo. When you use natural light, it gives an additional meaning to your photo. Another important thing that you must focus on is the right angle, photos with right angle get more views.

Be consistent:

If you are looking for massive following then try to be consistent. You should opt a theme for your Instagram page and use it for all your photos. People are expecting something unique and creative when they follow you. So try to engage them with your unique style. If you are using the filter with your image, keep it same for all photos. Post similar style images to give a cohesive look to your Instagram page.

Get Featured:

Consider participating in different hashtags projects and get the chance to feature in the big outlet’ publications. Even Instagram get to feature some account in the suggested user list that will insanely increase your followers.

Caption Wisely:

On Instagram, users love to read captions. Focus on your captions in order to grow your audience. When you post a photo, write a good caption like why you created this posts or what are doing in this photo, tell a story and how you created this photo. If you are a big account, you can keep it short but write a long caption if you have a few hundred followers on Instagram.

Use Proper Hashtags:

The Instagram post is incomplete without using proper and most relevant hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags but try not to use too many tags in one post because it will give the negative impact to your followers that you are desperate to get likes. According to the study, up to 11 hashtags get more engagement. Also, don’t forget to add location-based hashtags with your post. Even you can also use your own hashtags to increase your brand exposure. Try not to post popular hashtag, use that hashtags which have already 50K-500K post with that hashtag.